The financial media generates an incredible amount of unhelpful noise. We help you tune it out. In our experience, accomplishing your most important goals doesn’t happen by chasing the latest ‘hot stock,’ but by working with an adviser who understands the fundamentals of investing and uses it to help clients focus on the big picture.


Designing the right investment portfolio involves understanding our client's need for risk and determining the proper long-term allocation.  We will build a low cost, diversified portfolio, monitor and rebalance it on an ongoing basis.  Our investment minimum is $500,000.


At Apex Advisers, we believe in controlling the things we can control. We look at the type of accounts a client has and the proper location of tax efficient assets. By using opportunistic tax loss harvesting clients can achieve considerable tax savings.


Assessing a client's retirement strategy is key to determining the proper asset allocation.  The retirement strategy includes a review of all assets that are earmarked for retirement.  Including 401k's and 403b's that are provided through your employer.



Our firm is well-suited for taking care of your assets and ensuring that your asset titling and beneficiaries are in line with your estate plan. We work closely with your estate attorney to set up trusts and designate beneficiaries, to facilitate your estate plan.